News and Updates (DD/MM/YY)

06/12/2011: New heuristic for the weightage optimization --> relaunched (with weights from 1-10).

25/11/2011: Topics re-organized into three categories "Cellular development and differentiation", "Tissue and Organ development and related disorders" and "Diseases".
12/11/2011: 20 topics available!

05/10/2011: Exclusion of the evidence code "IEA" for GO annotations -> IEA refers to annotations that have not been reviewed by a curator.

09/07/2011: New topics added: Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung and Pancreas development (Alpha version).
01/07/2011: New module added: Literature keyword -> Association category relaunched.

29/06/2011: Weightage optimization relaunched.
15/06/2011: New modules added: Chemical and Chromosome location -> Annotation category relaunched.
01/06/2011: New topic added: Cancer (Beta version). Human cancer versus normal (non-cancer) samples will be added in the next future.

27/05/2011: Bug fixes, Module exclusion option now available (weight=0).
26/05/2011: Results page reorganized.
10/05/2011: Weightage optimization relaunched.
05/05/2011: Whole genome prioritization option added.
03/05/2011: GPSy relaunched with latest HomoloGene build. Next update scheduled for end of 2011.

28/04/2011: Weightage optimization strategy implemented.

17/02/2011: GPSy web server interface launched.
11/02/2011: Association-based modules relaunched (Scoring based on Hubert’s score).

08/01/2011: New module added: Cocitation -> Association category relaunched.
23/01/2011: Annotation-based modules relaunched (Scoring based on overrepresentation analysis).
20/01/2011: New module added: Phenotype -> Annotation category relaunched.
05/01/2011: GPSy web server interface under development.
04/01/2011: GPSy stable version (command line).

20/12/2010: New module added: Gonad differential expression -> Expression category relaunched.
12/12/2010: Tissue specificity module relaunched (Scoring based on Shannon entropy).
05/12/2010: New topics added: gonad development, male gonad development and female gonad development.

17/11/2010: Homology pipeline relaunched (New OMA release included).
12/11/2010: Association-based modules functional.

24/10/2010: Annotation-based modules functional.
02/10/2010: Tissue specificity module functional.

20/09/2010: New topics added: gametogenesis and oogenesis.

07/07/2010: Homology pipeline functional -> 45 eukaryotic species included.

16/05/2010: New topics added: spermatogenesis.
16/05/2010: Start of project.

If you use GPSy for your research, please quote (Britto et al.)

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